What's the value of the information real estate brokers posses to Zillow?

I suspect it's worth hundreds if not thousands times more than they paid two Move Inc. employees to jump ship. See all the juicy details here- Zillow and Move Inc. 

Many outside the real estate industry aren't familiar with why those inside the industry aren't as big of fans of Zillow as consumers tend to be.  If I've heard it once I've heard it a hundred times- "Zillow said my house is worth......"  Each time I take the time to explain why Zillow does not provide accurate assessments on valuing properties. It's often one of my first opportunities to explain a portion of the value an experienced real estate agent brings to the home buying or selling process. Simply put this one portion alone we are able to evaluate market conditions and trends in ways that Zillow can't. What value is can that be to a buyer or seller?

Most inside the real estate industry know what Zillow is and what they aren't. While I won't take time to discuss each and every point that could be discussed one thing we know for sure is they are not a good place for consumers to accurately asses the value of real estate.  They are a decent place for consumer information regarding the process of buying and selling real estate. But acquiring more or better information in those regards does not appear to be what they wanted when they spent millions to acquire two high level Move Inc.employees.

If the information real estate brokers posses is so valuable to Zillow what's it value to a buyer or seller?

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