If I had nothing else to write about other than silliness I see in contracts I could write forever. Since the content seems to be endless I thought I'd write about some of the silliness I see in the course of my work. If I find them laughable maybe you will too. Lord knows an occaisional good laugh is needed when working in real estate- be it with contracts or people. 

As you might imagine contracts and related documents for the purchase and sale of real estate have grown over the years.  Was some of it really necessary- probably.  Was all of it necessary- No! 

One item of silliness I'm confident wasn't necessary is in the VA / FHA Financing rider also known as CR2 E which can be seen by clicking here.  Was it really necessary to provide the definitions in item #1?  If they were done away with would anyone be confused as to what those words mean?

If someone is confused about the definition of those words should they really be signing a contract?