"The man who does not posses the courage of his convictions can never hope to convince the rest of us that he posses courage. You must fight for your beliefs before the world will believe in your fights.

When you set out to attain the respect of mankind, remember to count your self-respect first and after that the respect of your fellows will last.

We need leaders, but we insist that they shall prove their right as well as their might to lead. If opposition discourages you, we will be discouraged in you.

Every man in the land would prefer to command than to serve. Therefore, your ambition to stand at the head of the line means a contest all down the line.

We must have more men in our midst who will dare to help us by hurting our vanity and correcting our faults. Far too many of us lack the manhood to look our weaknesses squarely in the eye and call them by their unvarnished names.

Wounded vanity has never as of yet been known to prove fatal, but many a patient and many a cause and many an enterprise have been killed because a yellow-veined hypocrite at a crucial moment winked at the existence of a wound rather than wound a weakness.

Humanity does not bestow affection upon those who correct its hypocrisies and its conceits, but it grants them honor. It does not love its moral surgeons, but it obeys and follows them.

They may arouse our anger, by forcing us to realize that we have wronged ourselves, but every time they demonstrate that we are small they make us acknowledge they are great.

Vanity is ever blinding us. We have a habit of looking away from our flaws and enlarging our virtues. We love our self-love more than we love ourselves. We need help at all times and in all places.

We are surfeited with demagogues- we have far too many hypocrites, but society is pitifully lacking in giants- everywhere the call is sounding for men- for strong men- men with clear vision- men with clean hearts- men who dare to nail a lie and tell a truth- who fear to fail in nothing so much as in themselves."