Having been a licensed real estate agent for nearly 20 years and a licensed broker since 2008 there's one thing I can absolutely, positively tell you for sure about the state of things in real estate sales- the more things change the more they stay the same.

This recent article on Inman News does a great job articulating just that point.  You see, even with all the technology tools, devices, platforms and portals what was absolutely critical to the real estate agent's and broker's survival and success 100 years ago is still a key factor to success in today's real estate sales industry.  

Today, like all previous days, relationships built on trust are the key to personal and business success.  How we use technology to foster and enhance our relationships of trust continues to evolve rapidly. Never loosing sight of the first point helps guide decisions related to the second point. To do otherwise will prove costly.

While I referenced the article from Inman I don't agree with one premiss the author presents. The author suggests the introduction of "coming soon" will create more persuasiveness. I believe it may actually be foretelling of their eventual demise.  I believe the "coming soon" that's coming is a change in their ability to leverage one of their current primary assets. If they lose that primary asset it's a game changer not only for all listing aggregators like Zillow and Trulia but for real estate agents and brokers alike. Be prepared for additional change coming soon!