Recently I called a for sale by owner seller to gather information on the property for a friend I had in mind for the building. 

Upon hearing her speak her first words I knew I was speaking with a southern lady and guessed she was well into her years.  After introducing myself and the purpose of my call I asked for the basic information on the building.  She was quick and ready with all the information.   I then asked what businesses had been in the building previously. She gave me the list of previous tenants and then informed me that many years ago she had operated her own dress business out of it for 37 years. A place for fine dresses and fine women I believe is how she described it. Learning that she had been around the area for so long piqued my history interest.

I inquired further about her business and her time in the area.  She was eager to discuss and passionate about both her previous business and her love of the area. She described the heyday of her business, her customers and the exclusive dresses she sold.  I loved hearing her speak with such detail, passion and affection. She made it easy to imagine the downtown Fort Walton Beach area of an earlier time. 

After I thanked her for sharing all she had with me already I asked what she was asking for the building she had for sale.  She said she was asking $400,000.  That surprised me a bit so I responded by asking if she had had the building appraised. She said she hadn't.  So I followed up by asking how she came up with the price.  She chuckled and said "I figured it out". Her response brought a huge smile to my face and a chuckle of my own becuase it reminded me of another, very wise southern lady- my granny Walker.

While I don't believe the property I called on will be the one for my friend I'm sure glad I called. My granny has been gone for many years now and it has been too long since I remembered how she made us all smile with her wit and made us think with her wisdom.

Make the call; you never know what you'll get from it.  It may not be what you were expecting or hoped for!