Recently I've had a couple of transactions that would require either a pre or post occupancy agreement.  Unfortunately there was trepidation by the sellers.  Trepidation that may have been allayed had they more fully understood the process. 

My initial intention of coming to write this blog was to write about the process of accepting/making offers with pre or post occupancy agreement.  However I found a fairly comprehensive and informative article already written about the process- you can read the article here- Pre and Post Occupancy.

If you are thinking of buying or selling real estate in the near future (locally or anywhere in the US) I'd be happy to discuss the possible transaction and help you prepare. Pre and Post occupancy agreements are only one of hundreds of scenarios you may want or need to prepare for.  Each transaction has its own set of unique circumstances- I'd be honored if you'd allow me to put my experience to work for you.