Do you know a landlord who is fed up with the job of being a landlord? Or their current management company options? Or a tenant fed up with the process when searching for a rental property to call home? 

Well we're excited to announce that My Ardor Realty now offers Leasing services for Landlords and Tenants. With a combined 20+ years experience in leasing and knowing the problems/issues landlords and tenants faced we knew it was time to launch our leasing divison.

Previously Landlords had few options- manage it themselves or have a property management company manage it for them. With our A La Carte service Landlords now have another option. An option that recognizes not every landlord wants to be a full time landlord- but still wants help available when needed. An option that recognizes landlords shouldn't have to pay full fee when full management isn't always needed. Receive the benefits when you need or want us, save big when you don't. We'll be here at your service whenever you need us.

Landlords save while having full time assistance available and Tenants always receive free personal rental finder service and $ in closing cost assistance if/when they buy or sell using My Ardor Realty.

With 20+ years of combined Leasing experience you can count on us to take care of all your leasing needs. Call 888-996-9941 or email to learn more.