Recently I heard that the Eglin Grass Flats- a popular and long standing local fishing spot for trout and redfish among others has been restricted to only those with government IDs. I can only hope the employee at Ben's Lake on Eglin who statet this as the case is incorrect

If true I can't describe in words the level of anger this will cause me and other "non-ID holders" who fish that area. The flats have been fished for longer than Eglin AFB has been here. Now for some unknown reason the Federal government may have restricted the fishing in that area to ID holders only.

I'm detrmined to find out how and why this restriction came about and having it removed if true. To those ends and completely by happenstance a few friends and I were able to meet briefly with Sen. Don Gaetz earlier this week. Our meeting wasn't planned so we were very appreciative of his time. Unfortunately he didn't have knowledge of the restriction. And unfortunately he had no idea how poorly I respond to "they are the feds, they can do what they want with that water."  Thankfully he had some good advice about how to pursue its removal and recommended a few contacts that may help resolve the issue.  

Until then I've made a Freedom of Information Act request for all documents and information that led to the restriction. I won't go into the often comically sad process of making a FOIA request but if you ever want to see a circular rabbit hole go make a FOIA and try to get it to the correct department. Not to mention It took me well over 10 minutes to create a password for the site that would allow me to send the request. Why I had to have such an encrypted password I'm still not sure. If you ever feel the need to make a FOIA request I wish you good luck!

You can see the area known to locals as Eglin Grass Flats on page 148 (6 of 11) in this document. It's the area along the shore between Black Point and Buccaroo Point.