Yes- but not how you might think.

I've been in real estate for going on 20 years now and can tell you it has been my experience Open Houses don't typically work the way sellers who request them think they do- they don't generate buyers for their home.  One might ask if they don't help sell the home why have one. As I explain below there's more to an open house than finding a buyer for the property that day. Knowing that fact I say go ahead and hold the open house. But when you agree to have one it's fair everyone understand the likely results of holding an Open House; it's not likely to generate a buyer for the home. But it can generate other potential benefits in the form of a new buyer prospect for the agent.  A quick search online indicates I'm not alone in this line of thinking. While I read quite a few sites with similar beliefs this one does so quite simply and clearly- Do Open Houses Work?

As for me I've enjoyed conducting open houses through the years. I enjoyed them because I enjoyed meeting would be buyers and sellers and discussing an industry I so enjoy. Because I get to talk real estate with just about all who enter the open house I even enjoy the nosy neighbors or those visiting because they are preparing to build or remodel a home aka and want ideas. Last but not least I enjoy open houses because typically I make fresh cookies during the open house. 

While the taste and smell of freshly baked cookies is always irresistible for me the best thing about them is what they generate in each of us. I don't care who you are when you smell freshly baked cookies it's hard to not think of some wonderful memory- memories with family or friends.

And let's be honest- owning a home is lots of things but one of the greatest things of owning a home can be the memories created with friends and family there. 

We'd be honored to help you buy or sell your next home!