Are you a new or experienced real estate agent struggling with the decisions regarding your best source of business? Or figuring out how you can get prospects to reach out to you and ask for your assistance? Or when, how and who to ask if they can use your services? How much money to spend? Which marketing "medium" mix is best?

You're not alone! Those are some of the biggest/toughest questions to ask and answer during a real estate career- or any sales career actually. I love tough questions, digging deep looking for answers and knowing full well when everything is right none of that matters- the answers will come when and how I'm supposed to find them. 

This week I, along with an agent I was consulting with, stumbled upon an incredibly obvious way to get not only leads but leads intended just for you. When we realized how it worked- and we both conducted our own "experiment",  and at the time unknown to the other, we were blown away!

How would you like to receive buyer, seller, investor real estate leads intended just for you?   And it doesn't cost one penny! While there's no cost I'll warn you though it will require your attention, focus and sometimes patience. You may be uncomfortable, or very comfortable, with this method. It should have been so obvious to me long ago!

Coincidentally, or maybe not, I just received a newsletter with a long (if you start it, finish it) but interesting read on "the obvious"- This is Water  (btw my compelling reason is JC)

I'll share this "new to me" obvious discovery if you request. It comes at no cost. No obligation to me for anything. All you have to do is ask. I'm finding it hard to contain my excitement with this obvious discovery and look forward to sharing with anyone who asks and using it myself this and every day going forward.