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We’re not sure how or why you ended up here but we’re glad you did. We hope you find our site simple and straight forward for finding or researching homes that are currently listed. If that's why you are here you'll want to know- the Advanced Search is the most used feature with Map Search the 2nd most used. For those wanting a customized service consider using our My Dream Home Finder feature- this feature allows you to be the first to hear about properties that could be your dream home.  No matter if you are thinking about buying, selling or investing in real estate one thing you'll want is a Market Analysis - they are critical in developing a clear picture of all the nuances within the market which determine fair market value.  Preparing and presenting such CMAs are one of our most valuable services- for both buyers and sellers.
If you are up for digging through some of the same information we do in preparing a CMA you'll be interested in the Latest Sales Reports- simply message us and we'll be happy to get you one for your area. We combine Monthly Sales Reports information with up to the minute market conditions for a very accurate understanding of the supply and demand at the moment you decide to list your property with us.
If you consider contacting us please know we have an official and formal No Spam Guarantee!  So if you contact us you can rest assured we won't be blowing up your email, your phone or text just because you wanted more information or had a question. We give you what you want when you want it and if you decide we can be of further assistance we'd be honored to do so. We are here to serve! By serving with excellence and transparency we further our mission of serving our community and our Ardor. 
While we suspect you are here for real estate purposes we’d like to take this opportunity to share the below. While it will appear at first to have absolutely nothing to do with real estate, to us it has everything to do with how and why we are My Ardor Realty. If you'd like to learn more about how or why that is we'd be thrilled to share that with you as well. It's a dream of ours to change the world through our passions and through our chosen careers!
                      THE DREAMERS
They are the architects of greatness. Their vision lies within their souls. They never see the mirages of Fact, but peer beyond the veils and mists of doubt and pierce the walls of unborn Time.
Makers of empire, they have fought for bigger things than crowns and higher seats than thrones.
They are the Argonauts, the seekers of the priceless fleece--The Truth.
Through all the ages they have heard the voice of destiny call to them from the unknown vasts.
Their brains have wrought all human miracles. In lace of stone their spires stab the Old World's skies and with their golden crosses kiss the sun.
They are the chosen few--the blazers of the way--who never wear a doubt's bandage on their eyes--who starve and chill and hurt, but hold to courage and to hope, because they know that there is always proof of truth for them who try--that only cowardice and lack of faith can keep the seeker from his chosen goal, but if his heart be strong and if he dream enough and dream it hard enough, he can attain, no matter where men failed before.
Walls crumble and the empires fall. The tidal wave sweeps from the sea and tears a fortress from its rocks. The rotting nations drop off Time's bough, and only things the dreamers make live on.
They are the Eternal Conquerors—their vassals are the years.

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